Medical Care

Since the first visit of members of Bushara to Gambia, in 2010, to study the possibility of building a school, it became clear that there was a great need to simultaneously start a project of health care and even a clinic.

In the words of Antonio Villén, a Spanish doctor which took part in that trip, and who is currently the president of Bushara: “As so often happens, the immediate, pressing reality leads to action. On the second day of our stay in Serekunda, at Kunta Kinteh’s Guest House, one of the local women appeared with an open foot, caused by an accident which had taken place moments before. We had to make some emergency cleansing and healing, because she intended to work in such conditions; we also advised her to go to the health center the next day. At the end, we kept attending her every day of our stay, as she was unable to go to the health center. From such a simple fact, and in response to the demand of our hosts’s circle, we started giving medical care to various people in need.

From the second trip, in 2011, we decided to establish a medical consultation during the days that we were there. We made provision of medicines and the necessary minimum instrumental for primary care. Due to the precarious conditions in which we worked -in the same room where we were staying to sleep- and to the fact that our stay had not been announced, we thought that there would be few people to treat. Our surprise was that from the first day until our departure, there was a queue of people waiting.

In successive trips, year after year, the demand has but grown. Other professionals have joined the annual trips and we have also received the collaboration of pharmacists who provide us with some of the drugs we use. At this moment (2016) we have a team of two doctors, a dentist, a pediatrician and support staff. Throughout all this time we have always had the support, hospitality and advice of the Qadiriya Association, especially our host, Kunta Kinteh.

In the six years which have gone by since we started our medical activity in Serekunda, over 1100 patients have gone through medical or dental consultation. The growing number of patients, and the poor working conditions very soon pointed at the need to build a clinic right there in Serekunda. Now that the construction of the second building of the school in Kembuyeh has been completed, it is the turn of this new and inspiring project, which -apart from the present team- a group of professionals, doctors, dentists, and nurses have already expressed their intention to join.