Project of a Clinic in Serrekunda

Since, in 2011, Bushara started its activity in medical care in Serrekunda, the number of patients (over 1,100) has been increasing. The Gambia’s needs are very many, and – given the poor conditions of work – it became clear from the start that it would be necessary to build a primary care clinic. Now that the construction of the second pavilion of Kembuyeh School has been completed, Bushara starts this new and ambitious project.


  • To build a clinic to practice medicine under favorable conditions, and where -in addition to the Spanish professionals currently offering medical care- professionals from The Gambia can also join in in order to ensure the continuity of the project.
  • To offer a service of free medical care.
  • To practice holistic medicine in which prevention is prioritized, and to introduce healthy habits and food hygiene.
  • To approach healing, whenever possible, with the use of traditional remedies and non-aggressive methods, avoiding dependence on conventional medicine.

Current Situation

In April 2016, coinciding with the last trip to The Gambia, Bushara signed an agreement with the Qadriyya Association for the construction of the clinic. This will be located on land donated by Bushara’s host in Serrekunda, Kunta Kinte, and it will be attached to the place where the medical care has been taking place in recent years.

The construction of a building of 126 m2 floor has been approved, distributed in two medical offices, a dental room, a multipurpose office (pediatry, first aid, treatment room, etc.), toilets, storage room and hall. In the second stage we plan to introduce medical specialties (ophthalmology, dermatology, gynecology, etc.) and build a second plant if demand so requires.

Phases of the Construction Project

  1. Site preparation, foundation and pillars.
  2. Covers and perimeter fencing.
  3. Internal enclosures.
  4. Electricity and water installations.
  5. Doors, windows and finishes.

The first phase is already budgeted and will develop in 2016. The duration of the subsequent phases will depend on the budget available for its completion. Our goal, in any case, is that the building can already be used within a maximum period of two years.

Request for Funds and Collaboration

In this new and important project, Bushara wants to appeal for help and collaboration. This can be of different types:

  1. Provision of funds for the project.
  2. Donation of medical equipment, instruments, medicines, furniture, etc.
  3. Providing work and ideas of health professionals.

The need and demand of the people of The Gambia is so great that any contribution, however small or insignificant it may seem, will be multiplied manifold: the fruits obtained far exceed expectations.

Contact and Bank Account

  • Shuaib Sanchez
  • Phone: 687887485
  • E-mail:
  • Bank Account: Entidad Caja Sur, ES74 0237 0710 1091 7135 0288