The School in Kembuye

This is the project on which the activity of Bushara has mainly focused so far. Initially the school had been projected in Niger, but the possibility of forming an agreement in January 2012 with the Qadiriyya Association of Gambia changed the location to Kembuye, near Banjul, in Gambia.

The school was opened in April 2013. At first the project only aimed at elementary education students and the construction of a single building, but it soon became clear that it would be necessary to expand it. In February 2014 a second module was projected, having been practically completed in 2016.

Currently the School has more than 500 students (approximately 50% of boys and girls), divided into three grades of preschool, six grades of elementary education and one grade of secondary education. Of these, more than 100 students are orphans, and receive from Bushara a small help for maintenance. The faculty of the School is composed by more than 10 teachers.

After the construction and commissioning of the School, Bushara’s work now focuses on monitoring and organizational, educational and material assistance, as well as maintaining the aid to the orphans.